Mead Johnson Nutrition Commits $200,000 in Product Donations to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Posted on Nov. 5th, 2012 at 10:45am

The tremendous toll in damages, injury and loss of life resulting from Hurricane Sandy continues to unfold. This enormous storm cut a swath of destruction along the Atlantic Seaboard and in 15 states, affecting literally millions of people.

Some of those people are parents or caregivers whose infant feeding supplies were lost or spoiled in the damage. Once the storm cleared and damage assessment began, Mead Johnson was in contact with the USDA, FEMA and other government agencies letting them know that our distribution centers are on high alert and ready to act as soon as they specified quantities and types of products needed in the impacted areas.

We have committed to donating $200,000 of our products to meet the needs of storm victims.

The caring and dedicated people of our company have also asked how they can help. To enhance the effectiveness of our employees’ generosity, we are providing a dollar-for-dollar company match to each donation they make. We will also make an additional matching cash donation to relief efforts equal to the total amount contributed by Mead Johnson employees worldwide from last week through year end.

The recovery from this disaster will be measured not in days or weeks, but in months to come. We will continue to work with relief agencies to determine ways we can continue to assist families in need.