Mead Johnson Achieves Record March of Dimes Donation

Posted on Jun. 3rd, 2015 at 11:15am

On the last Saturday in April, hundreds of Mead Johnson employees, their families and friends gathered in three different cities for one reason: to raise awareness about premature births and support research and programs for premature babies. The March of Dimes hits the core of Mead Johnson’s mission to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life.

Together, March of Dimes events in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and at our sales meetings throughout the country raised a record $185,000. Events included fundraisers, silent auctions, the annual March for Babies, and the new 5K Run.

Since Mead Johnson began supporting March of Dimes in 2006, we’ve contributed close to $800,000.

We asked walk participants to tell us why March of Dimes is important to them and how Mead Johnson’s support of this vital cause fits into our mission.

“March of Dimes is not only a charity activity, but also a good opportunity to provide my support to moms and babies. Mead Johnson Nutrition is a wonderful infant formula company with a great reputation. By joining March of Dimes, I feel like part of a big Mead Johnson family. I really enjoy the great teamwork and all the positive attitudes.”

-- Ren Lai, Senior Scientist in Global Regulatory and Nutrition in Evansville

“The most rewarding part of this experience is knowing we are helping support other parents and their infants. Having experienced the heartbreak of losing a child during the early stages of pregnancy, I would like as few parents as possible to experience that.”

-- Branden Bacon, QC Supervisor for the Raw Materials/In-Process Lab, Physical Properties Lab and Tower Lab in Zeeland

“My involvement with March of Dimes hit near and dear about two years ago when a close colleague gave birth to twins prematurely. The twins were so tiny at birth, they were taken to another hospital away from their mother. She maintained so much strength, it was amazing. In 2014, she was named Mead Johnson’s March of Dimes ambassador. That’s when I learned about March of Dimes and wanted to be involved and show my support. It’s rewarding to work for such a great company and to see the strength and support that was fostered by everyone.”

-- Brooke Reese, Quality Control Associate Manager in Zeeland

“The developments in medicine and emotional support are the two reasons I feel compelled to stand behind the March of Dimes. My parents had fertility problems, so they thought I might be their only biological child. After losing twins due to preterm labor in 1984, they adopted my brother. Eleven years later, my mom found out she was pregnant at age 44. She went into preterm labor at 24 weeks and my youngest brother was born at 28 weeks. Today, he’s a happy and healthy 16-year-old.”

-- Lindsey Moungkhoun (top left), Senior Document Management Coordinator, Automation, Engineering and Maintenance, Corporate Social Responsibility lead for Zeeland

“I walk for my twin grandsons, Nathan (left) and Ollie, born at 30 weeks on March 20, (2015?). At birth, one weighed 3.6 pounds and the other weighed 2.4 pounds and is a special needs baby. March of Dimes has been a big part of their care in the NICU, providing their mini hats and preemie diapers. Mead Johnson has provided nourishment, with the twins eating breast milk fortified with Poly-Vi-Sol and Enfacare to get the nutrients they need.”

-- Holly Thorn, Senior Executive Associate in Glenview

The Evansville team readies for the 2015 March for Babies

Zeeland employees gather at their tent for the start of the walk

Glenview team members huddle in the damp cold at the starting line