FDA and CDC Tests Confirm Enfamil PREMIUM® Newborn is Safe

Posted on Dec. 30th, 2011 at 8:00pm

Mead Johnson Nutrition was notified today by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that health inspectors have completed their testing on all formula samples collected from the company. These tests confirmed that the Mead Johnson products were safe, and no presence of Cronobacter was detected. This is consistent with two rounds of testing conducted by Mead Johnson.

Mead Johnson has been informed that all samples collected from the company – and related to health investigations in Missouri and Illinois – have been found safe. Mead Johnson emphasizes these are the only incidents that led to tests on its products.

All Mead Johnson infant formulas, including Enfamil PREMIUM® Newborn, undergo approximately 2,300 quality checks and safety tests to ensure that they meet or exceed our own rigorous standards, and those set by the World Health Organization, the FDA and other regulatory bodies before they are made available to consumers.

“We’re pleased with the FDA and CDC testing, which should reassure consumers, healthcare professionals and retailers everywhere about the safety and quality of our products. These tests also reinforce the rigor of our quality processes throughout our operations,” said Tim Brown, senior vice president and general manager for North America. “We remain committed to our mission to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life.”

As a result of the FDA’s and CDC’s tests – as well as our own – Mead Johnson said parents can continue using Enfamil and other Mead Johnson products with confidence.