Always Looking to the Future – Mead Johnson’s Chief Medical Officer on the Daily Inspiration of Working with Children

Posted on Jul. 7th, 2014 at 11:30am

In his distinguished career as a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, Dr. Colin Rudolph has treated thousands of children—some during critical times in their young lives. That experience has made him an advocate of finding new ways to help children grow and thrive through proper nutrition.

“What strikes me is the strength of these families and these children, particularly the parents who provide love and support and go to the ends of the earth to help their kids move past tremendous challenges,” said Dr. Rudolph Mead Johnson’s vice president of global medical affairs and chief medical officer. “I just feel like I’m a part of the process, and it’s really an honor.”

Dr. Rudolph joined the company in 2011, drawn to its rich history of leadership in pediatric nutrition. Within his specialty area of pediatric gastroenterology, Dr. Rudolph is responsible for advancing the science behind pediatric nutrition products at Mead Johnson.

In his daily practice, the resilience of his young patients continually strikes a chord with Dr. Rudolph: “You find that when you take care of children, even when they are very sick, they’re always looking forward, and they have a passion about their interactions with the world,” he said.

Dr. Rudolph’s position as chief medical officer at Mead Johnson allows him to see advancements on the horizon, particularly among the sickest infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or with complex disorders. He has translated this passion even outside of his work with Mead Johnson, as a co-author of the leading textbook, “Rudolph’s Pediatrics”, which we worked on with his father, Abraham.

Dr. Rudolph understands the link between good nutrition and giving children the best start in life.

“Optimal nutrition gives children the best possible chance to build healthy bodies and healthy minds,” Rudolph said. “You always want to make sure every child reaches their potential, and nutrition is a major part of that process.”

An extended version of Dr. Rudolph’s story can be found in our 2013 Annual Report, located on Mead Johnson’s Investors page.