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    This page is dedicated to providing current Mead Johnson Nutrition suppliers with information on how to better collaborate with us and to provide prospective suppliers an introduction to Mead Johnson Nutrition.

  • Policies
  • Overview
    • In 2009, Mead Johnson Nutrition launched a transformation initiative to continue our growth as a global leader in pediatric nutrition. Mead Johnson's approach to effective supply chain procurement practices builds on our past efforts and investments and targets three focus areas:

      • Business transformation, to help us change existing procurement practices using best-practice business processes and leading SAP technology
      • Core business application solutions, to help us improve business efficiency
      • Enterprise integration, to help us reduce costs and increase productivity

      As a globally integrated enterprise, Mead Johnson is committed to strengthening the processes, systems and technologies that support its success. This means transforming such areas as Information Technology, Finance, and Procurement.

      A major part of the transformation effort involves our partnership with IBM for Procurement and Accounts Payable services. As a procurement services provider to Mead Johnson, IBM will be responsible for the following areas:

      • Strategic sourcing (supplier selection and negotiation)
      • Tactical buying (including administering requests for quotes and bidding)
      • Purchase order processing
      • Catalog content management
      • Supplier management for procurement of certain indirect goods and services categories

      IBM will also support Mead Johnson’s Accounts Payable invoice processing for both Direct and Indirect goods and services.

      Another significant aspect of the transformation is the creation of a dedicated Customer Assistance Center available to all Mead Johnson suppliers to address procurement and accounts payable questions or concerns. This will enable Mead Johnson to work with suppliers worldwide to deliver quality and value to the mothers and infants we serve.

  • Innovation
    • MJN welcomes your ideas to help support and innovate our product line. We are interested in ideas that support our 5 benefit platforms: Brain Development, Allergy Management, Natural Defense, Healthy Growth, and Taste and Form.

      For New Users:
      Request access to our innovation site, iMJNation by completing the form below and clicking submit. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive a communication within 3-5 business days.

      For Current Users:
      To submit your idea, please navigate to (Insert External Site URL). If you have any issues with logging in or idea submission please send an email to

  • Supplier Enablement

    Mead Johnson is implementing a new global SAP system to drive our procurement transformation initiative. Some of the changes we are making in Procurement and Accounts Payable might impact the technology or business processes you have been using when doing business with Mead Johnson. Review the sections below to determine the best option for your company to do business with Mead Johnson.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Option test
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is typically implemented by medium to large suppliers. Through EDI, electronic documents and business data is transferred from Mead Johnson to your company without human intervention (our SAP system talks directly to your SAP system).

      The primary application of Mead Johnson's EDI will be the distribution of purchase orders, purchase order acceptance, purchase order changes, invoicing and invoice rejections. By utilizing EDI, suppliers:

      • Improve data accuracy
      • Reduce technical complexity by using standardized data formats
      • Reduce the need for paper transactions
      • Accelerate information exchange within order processing

      For suppliers with existing EDI capability, Mead Johnson will use EDI ANSI X12 version 4030.

      Related Technical Information

      Standards Supported

      UCS and X12 - All versions up to 5010

      Communications Qualifier: 01

      Communications ID (ISA & GS): 006370092

      Duns Number: 006370092

      Test ID: 006370092T



      Protocol: HTTP

      Assigned Port Number: 8080

      Production AS2 Name (routing ID): meadjohnson

      Production Address (URL):

      Proxy IP: TDB

      Test AS2 Name (routing ID): meadjohnsontest

      Test Address (URL):

      Proxy IP:


      Sign documents: YES

      Request acknowledgement of documents: YES

      Request signed acknowledgement: YES

      Synchronous acknowledgement: YES

      Message Digest: SHA1

      Encrypt documents: YES

      Document encryptions: Triple DES

      Encryption key length: 256

      AS2 Client Software

      Web Sphere Partner Gateway 6.2

      Business Transaction ANSI X12 Message Direction Special Notes
      New Purchase Order 850 (Version 4030) Outbound from MJN Does not support Service PO's. Use Supplier Portal for Service PO.
      Change Purchase Order 860 (Version 4030) Outbound from MJN Does not support Service PO's. Use Supplier Portal for Service PO.
      Purchase Order Agreement 855 (Version 4030) Inbound to MJN Does not support Service PO's. Use Supplier Portal for Service PO.
      Advance Shipment Notification 856 (Version 4030) Inbound to MJN Only in scope for suppliers supporting Direct Procurement. Not in scope for Indirect Procurement Suppliers.
      Delivery Forecast and Schedule 830/862 (Version 4030) Outbound from MJN Only in scope for suppliers supporting Direct Procurement. Not in scope for Indirect Procurement Suppliers.
      Invoice/Credit Memo 810 (Version 4030) Inbound to MJN
      Invoice Rejection Notification 824 (Version 4030) Outbound from MJN Text type of message sent back to supplier for Invoices that have been rejected with the reason.
  • Supplier Portal Option
  • Email Option
    • Companies that either have a lower volume of transactions or are not using EDI or the Suppliers Portal can take advantage of the new Email Option. Using the Email Option, suppliers can receive new and modified purchase orders via email. The Email Option will allow suppliers to:

      • Receive purchase order document in PDF format via email
      • Email paper invoice to Mead Johnson
      • Use email as a temporary solution when other systems such as EDI or the Supplier Portal they typically use are not available
  • eSourcing
    • Mead Johnson procurement will use eSourcing to facilitate electronic Bidding and electronic Contract Negotiations. Open to all suppliers, eSourcing requires access to email and the Internet. Through eSourcing, suppliers can:

      • Receive and respond to electronic RFI, RFP, RFQ
      • Participate in online auctions
      • Access and collaborate on MJN contracts (including version control through a checkout/check-in process)
  • Orders and Payment

    Mead Johnson is implementing a new global SAP system to drive our procurement transformation initiative. Some of the changes we are making in Invoicing and Purchase Orders might impact the technology or business processes you have been using when doing business with Mead Johnson. Review the following sections for more information.

  • Invoicing Requirements
    • There are two main categories for submitting invoices. One is via Electronic Invoicing and another is via Manual submission of invoices.

      A. Electronic Invoicing Electronic invoices may be submitted via the Supplier Portal Option (SUS) or the Electronic Data Interchange Option (EDI). Refer to the link above for more details.

      B. Manual submission of invoices Suppliers that are not enabled to submit invoices electronically can send their invoices and credit memo to Mead Johnson using only one of the following procedures subject to specific country regulations. Note that if you use multiple methods below, there will be delay in processing and payment of your invoice.

      Via Email to RAPID Tool • Invoices sent to rapid host must be in one of the following non-editable formats to be accepted: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP, GIF. Editable formats such as DOC, XLS, and PPT will be rejected and may delay invoice processing.
      • Each invoice needs to be in a separate PDF image. Attach the PDF image containing 1 invoice per image and send to the RAPID email. Do not scan multiple invoices in one image; this will not be processed and will be returned causing delay in the processing and payment of your invoice.

      Country Name E-mail to RAPID Tool
      BRAZIL - Health
      ECUADOR - Health
      MALAYSIA - Health
      NETHERLANDS - Holdings
      PERU - Health
      POLAND Trading
      MJN AP

      Via Postal Service to Scanning/Archiving Center • Hard Copy of Invoices received in the Scanning /Archiving Center will be scanned into the imaging system and sent electronically to RAPID repository for processing by Accounts Payable.

      Country Company Name Address
      SINGAPORE RB Health / MJN Singapore SGD Iron Mountain Hong Kong Ltd., No. 3, Kin Tai Street, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
      PHILIPPINES RB Health / MJN Philippines Makati City PHP Iron Mountain Hong Kong Ltd., P.O. Box 8613 (Philippines - Accounts Payable), Central Post Office, Hong Kong

      Via Postal Service to RB Health / Mead Johnson Office • Vendor must have prior approval from authorized RB Health / Mead Johnson contact to send invoices to RB Health / Mead Johnson office. This is the least preferred method because it can delay the processing of your invoice.
      • The RB Health / Mead Johnson contact will send the image to RAPID repository for processing by Accounts Payable.

      Country Company Name Region Postal Service to RB Health / Mead Johnson Office
      ARGENTINA RB Health / MJN Argentina Argentina ARS LA Mead Johnson Nutrition S.R.L Monroe 801 C1428BK Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
      BRAZIL MJN Brazil São Paulo BRL LA Mead Johnson do Brasil Comercio Av. Das Nacoes Unidas, Sao Paulo- SP Brasil
      COLOMBIA RB Health / MJN Colombia Bogota COP LA Mead Johnson Nutrition Colombia Ltda Calle 76# 11 - 17 Piso 3 Nogal Bogota/Cundinamarca
      DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MJN Dominicana Branch Santo Domingo DOP LA Mead Johnson Nutrition Dominicana, S.A. Torre Citi En Acropolis,12vo. Piso, Ave. Winston Churchill No.1099 Santo Domingo, D.N.
      ECUADOR MJN Ecuador Quito USD LA Mead Johnson Nutrition Ecuador CIA. Ltda Quito, Av. Coruna 27-88 y Francisco de Orellana Edif, Coruna Plaza
      VENEZUELA MJN Venezuela Caracas VEF LA Mead Johnson Nutrition Venezuela, S.C.A Calle Bernadette. Edif. Bristol Mye De Venezuela, PB. of. Nutricional Ciud.: URB. Los Cortijos. Caracas
      PERU MJN Peru Lima PEN LA Mead Johnson Nutrition Peru S.R.L Cal Santa Bernardita 80 Ur Pando Et.lii
      MEXICO RB Health / MJN Mexico Mexico, DF MXN LA Iron Mountain Prol. Calle 7 Manz “C” Lote 4, 2a Amp. Parque Industrial Toluca2000 TOL, EDOMEX CP 50200 MEXICO Tel. +52 (722) 276 6830
      AUSTRALIA MJN Australia Melbourne AUD AP Mead Johnson Nutrition (Australia) PO Box 213, Tatura Vic 3616
      CHINA MJN China Guangzhou CNY AP Mead Johnson Nutritionals (China) Ltd, Dong Ji Industrial District, Xia Yuan Road, 510730 Guangzhou, China
      VIETNAM MJN Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City VND AP Mead Johnson Nutrition (Vietnam) Co, 4th Floor The Metropolitan Building, 235 Dong khoi district 1, Ho Chi Minh City 9999
      THAILAND MJN Thailand Bangkok THB AP Mead Johnson Nutrition (Thailand) Ltd, 388 Exchange Tower, 14th Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
      INDONESIA MJN Indonesia Jakarta IDR AP Mead Johnson Indonesia PT, The Plaza Office Tower 43, Jl.M.H. Thamrin kav. 28-30, Jakarta 10350
      INDIA MJN India Mumbai INR AP Mead Johnson India Ltd, 3rd Flr Piramal Tower, peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpatrao Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 4000 013

      Please note that all invoices must comply with the Invoice document requirements (refer to link below).

  • Invoice Document Requirements
    • The following general information must be labelled clearly and should be easy to locate on your invoice:

      • Invoice Number. This number must appear on each page of a multi-page invoice and should not be a number previously assigned to an invoice within the last two years. NOTE: Your invoice number must not include special characters as they cannot be recognized by our ERP system.
      • Invoice Date in MM/DD/YY format.
      • Vendor Name.
      • Vendor Address.
      • Vendor Email (optional).
      • Vendor contact name and phone.
      • Current Vendor Remit to Address.
      • Ship to Address or address where services were rendered.
      • Company Purchase Order number printed on the invoice.
      • Company Purchase Order Line number printed on the invoice.
      • Currency marked.
      • List Tax amount(s) separately; a Tax total is required if there are multiple tax amounts.
      • List Miscellaneous charge(s) separately; a miscellaneous charge total is required if there are multiple miscellaneous charges.
      • List Freight amount(s) separately; a freight total is required if there are multiple freight charges.
      • Invoice total including all line items, taxes, freight and miscellaneous charges (required).
      • If requested by your company, include a Release number or Delivery Note number
      • If applicable, you must indicate in the face of the invoice or credit memo Tax Identification Number, VAT Registration, or any other information in compliance with local/legal requirements.


      • The original invoice document must not have any handwriting, check marks, highlighting, or changes.
      • The invoice must refer to only one purchase order number; do not combine multiple purchase orders on an invoice.
      • Send an invoice or a credit memo. A statement is not acceptable and will not be processed.

      Contacting Accounts Payable For invoice or payment questions, please contact the Customer Assistance Center. Refer to published contact information in the Customer Assistance Center Country Contact Information section or send an email to:

      Region / Market Email Address
      North America
      Latin America
      Asia Pacific

  • Reference

    Please download the PDFs for the following information: