Medical Education

One way Mead Johnson is serving organizations in the marketplace is through medical education grants.

  • International Medical Education Grants

    Organizations outside the U.S. that wish to request an Independent Medical Education (IME) grant should refer to Mead Johnson contact information within their country or contact us at

  • U.S. Medical Education Grants

    Current Focus
    The focus of Mead Johnson Nutrition grant funding is based on high-quality continuing education for healthcare providers to provide infants and children the best start in life. To be considered for a medical education grant from Mead Johnson, please fax or email a letter according the guidelines listed below.

    Guidelines for Grant Request Letter
    The information in the body of the letter should be clear and concise pertaining to your request (four pages or less). Please submit a request letter with complete information about the program for review at Mead Johnson Nutrition at least 90 days prior to the start of the program. Use this guideline as a checklist when writing your program request letter.

    Organization Information
    [ ] Requestor organization
    [ ] Contact person's name, phone, FAX, email

    Program Information
    [ ] Name of program
    [ ] Program date(s)
    [ ] Intended audience
    [ ] Number of attendees
    [ ] Cost to attend program
    [ ] Location of program
    [ ] Objective/Goals of program
    [ ] Speakers' names, titles, and affiliations
    [ ] Continuing education hours offered
    [ ] Exhibit information (cost, contact person name, email and/or phone number)

    Funding Information
    [ ] Amount of grant requested
    [ ] Check payable to (please provide entire name of organization)
    [ ] Tax ID (must match Check Payee)
    [ ] Name, title, phone, fax number and email of person who will sign contract
    [ ] Contact information for contract signer (mailing address, phone, FAX, email)
    [ ] Name, mailing address, phone, fax number and email of person to receive contract and check (NOTE: PO boxes are not allowed, must use street address)

    [ ] Itemized budget of income and expenses, including expected income from registration fees
    [ ] List of expenses MJN grant funding would support
    [ ] Proof of CME/CEU accreditation
    [ ] Program brochure, if applicable (near-final draft brochure is acceptable)
    [ ] W-9 Form

    Note: Grant funding cannot be considered for internal speaker honorarium, meals for faculty only, rooms/meals for staff, or internal management costs. Meals/snacks must be modest in cost.


    Fax: 1 812-429-8329 Email:

    Questions: If you have questions, please contact us at 1 812-429-7831 or for information about medical education grants.