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A Global Investment in Innovation

A Global Investment in Innovation

Every day around the world, Mead Johnson conducts groundbreaking research to advance the science of pediatric nutrition.

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Nutrition and Your Child

Learn about topics in infant nutrition, like essential nutrients, healthy growth and allergies.

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Research & Innovation

  • Decades of research and study tell us children who are well-nourished from the very start are more likely to lead healthier, more productive lives – the kind of lives we all want for each and every one of our children. It is this thought that inspires us to work every day to advance the science of pediatric nutrition. Mead Johnson’s research and development team connects a virtual, global network of leading scientific experts, research initiatives and data sources. Our work allows us to pursue cutting-edge research and then efficiently and effectively transfer innovation into products containing the highest-quality ingredients. This rich heritage of innovation has earned us the trust of parents and healthcare professionals. Our research efforts include:

    Investing in Science
    We manage global research programs, from clinical studies that address safety and efficacy, to basic research on specific bioactive components in human milk.

    Commitment to Parents
    We understand the significance of the trust placed in us by parents, and we offer them ongoing reassurance about the uncompromising and rigorous quality standards to which we hold each and every facility, production line, employee and product. In addition, we help parents make sense of feeding issues and common nutrition questions to support them in providing their children the best start in life.

    Strong Partnerships
    We foster and develop strong relationships with organizations in academia, public health, pediatric medicine, dietetics and child care to collaborate on initiatives that positively impact the wellbeing of children.

    Educational Outreach
    We help bring experts from various fields together to support continuing education seminars and materials for healthcare professionals. This work gets the latest research to those caring for children around the world.