What Is Inositol?

Getting to know the latest brain-nourishing nutrient

  • Inositol, a B complex vitamin also known as vitamin B8, is the third-most abundant free carbohydrate found in breast milk. Research has discovered that this nutrient is found in high amounts in colostrum and mature breast milk and emerging science indicates it may play an important role in brain development.

    Third-most abundant free carbohydrate found in breast milk

    Within the first 2 years, a baby’s brain triples in weight.1 This development is supported by important nutrients and components found in human milk or infant formula.2

    The emerging science behind benefits of inositol

    A recent study evaluated infants who were small for gestational age or whose size was appropriate for gestational age to determine if inositol levels in the brain were associated with neurodevelopment. In the study, researchers used the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (BSID-III) – a standardized tool that measures neurodevelopment in infants and toddlers.3

    The results of the study found a significant positive correlation between the level of inositol in the brain and language subscale score on the BSID-III at 2 years.3†

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    * The average worldwide amounts in mature breast milk of inositol is 22 mg/100 kcal.
    † Study did not assess effect of inositol in the diet.

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