Aseptic Bottles

  • As part of our innovations in packaging, Mead Johnson debuted 32 fl oz aseptic bottles for ready-to-use liquid formulas. The core differentiating features of the new 32 fl oz ready-to-use bottles include:

    • Sleek contoured bottle for easy grip
    • One-handed easy-to-open flip cap
    • Smooth, easy-to-control pour

    Consumer ratings for Enfamil® 32 fl oz bottles outperform competitors on these key attributes:

    • 78% view Enfamil ready-to-use bottles as a premium product, compared to 63% for competitors
    • 83% agree Enfamil is made by experts in infant nutrition, compared to 67% for competitors
    • Consumers rated Enfamil ready-to-use as 4.2 out of 5 on a scale comparing product uniqueness and difference vs. 3.5 for competitors
    • 77% believe Enfamil ready-to-use is easy to take on the go vs. 59% for competitors
    • 80% believe Enfamil ready-to-use keeps formula free of contaminants vs. 65% for competitors