Common Allergy Issues

  • Cow’s milk allergy (CMA) is the most common food allergy in early life, with an estimated prevalence of 2% to 3%1. Infants with food allergies, like CMA, often go on to present other allergic manifestations in a phenomenon known as the Allergic March.

  • Had Allergy Issues

    In fact, children with food allergies may be 2–4 times more likely to have other allergies by 5 years of age1. For example, in a 5-year checkup of infants with CMA:

    • 75% had allergies to other foods2
    • 43% had allergic rhinitis2
    • 40% had asthma2
    • 21% had atopic dermatitis2
  • This study suggests that managing food allergies, like CMA, is important. The increased food allergy prevalence in children also has an important economic effect, with significant direct costs for the healthcare system and even larger costs for families1.

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