Mead Johnson Nutritionals Responds to China Manufacturer's Recall

EVANSVILLE, Ind., September 16, 2008 — Mead Johnson shares the concerns of parents around the world caused by the recent contamination of infant formula in China. Our thoughts are with all the families who have been affected by this situation.

Mead Johnson can assure our customers that the ingredients we use in our products have not been contaminated with melamine.

To date, products contaminated with melamine have been brands of infant formula manufactured exclusively by Chinese companies. These formulas are not Mead Johnson brands. We do not use dairy or protein-containing raw ingredients that are imported from China at any of our manufacturing sites. Melamine is not present in any of our formulas or ingredients.

Mead Johnson produces millions of cans of infant formula each year using the highest quality standards; meeting or exceeding those standards established by the governing regulatory agencies in each country in which we do business. Our products are subjected to numerous quality control checks during and after production to ensure our product quality and safety.

Gail Wood
Mead Johnson Nutritionals
(812) 429-5703