Combating PKU

Posted on Oct. 11th, 2011 at 4:15pm

Several thousand infants in China are born with Phenylketonuria (PKU), acongenital metabolic disease affecting brain and nervous system function, every year. Many of these children are from poverty stricken families in rural areas with little access to appropriate medical treatment. While the Chinese government has been successful in developing screening programs to identify infants with PKU in the early stages, rural areas largely lack adequate products to help treat the disease.

For infants and children diagnosed with PKU, a specially structured diet low in phenylalanine is critical. To help provide more care to children, we partnered with The China’s Ministry of Health to provide support in screening programs and launch the PKU [Special Milk Powder Subsidy Program that provides nutritional assistance to Children with PKU across the country](corporate-citizenship/nurturing communities)

Last year, a number of provisions were introduced to help address this growing health issue, including an additional donation of Phenylalanin-Free ®1 formula to extend the range of the subsidy to PKU children around the country. We also arranged for two experts from the United States to provide training on PKU medical and nutritional management to Chinese health care providers.

Our supportive efforts to combat PKU still continue today. As a result, up to 500 impoverished PKU newborns will benefit over the next five years.