Serving the Marketplace

  • Mead Johnson’s commitment to serving the marketplace touches all aspects of our business, from the way we handle calls from mothers around the world with questions about providing their children with proper nutrition, to the high standards we set and maintain within our organization.

    • We have strong standards in place for corporate ethics and governance
    • Every employee is dedicated to upholding our high quality standards
    • We strive to be a responsible and responsive member of the marketplace
    • We expect our partners and suppliers to hold themselves to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves
  • Corporate Ethics and Governance
  • Quality and Nutrition
    • Since 1905, Mead Johnson has built a reputation for providing safe, high quality nutritional products. Today, parents in more than 50 countries use our infant and children nutritional products with confidence and trust. The company is committed to doing business in a manner that delivers quality and protects safety across our worldwide operations through strict compliance with the laws and requirements of the markets in which we operate and careful enforcement of our own stringent internal policies and best practices.

      Through continual improvement and compliance, we work each day to ensure that every nutritional product we manufacture meets both our own internal standards and the high expectations of families around the world. Our quality assurance system tracks ingredients from initial material suppliers through all processing and transport. Each product bears a unique identifying batch code, allowing us to provide precise and timely information to consumers and government agencies. Our formal nutrition and quality standards are below.

      Nutrition and Quality Standards

      As a nutrition company, Mead Johnson is committed to creating nutritional brands and products trusted to give infants and children the best start in life. We understand the critical role early-life nutrition plays in long-term health outcomes and work with our global network of scientific experts to ensure our products are developed based on the latest scientific research and technology.

      • We use the highest quality ingredients sourced from reputable vendors in all Mead Johnson products.
      • We ensure that every nutritional product that we manufacture meets our rigorous internal standards as well as the guidelines proposed by CODEX.
      • We consistently incorporate and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)/Good Hygienic Practices (GHPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, product and ingredient surveillance, and events and issues monitoring so that every aspect of our manufacturing and distribution process delivers only the safest products to our consumers.
      • We create nutritional products based on sound science and using the latest technologies.
      • We continuously improve our infant formulas and make them as compositionally close to breast milk as we can to help ensure that as many infants as possible get the best start in life.
      • We carefully and appropriately communicate the benefits of, and science behind, our products in order to help parents be fully informed on nutritional choices in order to make the decision that is best for their child, their family and their lifestyle.
      • We provide useful information to consumers interested in food safety and product preparation and handling, and will strive to remain an industry leader in this effort.
      • We collaborate with the world’s leading medical and academic institutions to create nutritional products trusted to give infants and children the best start in life.
      • We enhance the understanding of the significant role early-life nutrition plays in long-term health outcomes by connecting the virtual global network of leading scientific experts, research initiatives, white papers and data sources.
      • We publish results of clinical trials in peer-reviewed journals to ensure that the body of evidence generated by Mead Johnson benefits the scientific and healthcare professional community.
  • Responsible Marketing
    • Early nutrition greatly affects the health and development of infants and children. In recognition of that fact, all Mead Johnson products are marketed strictly on the basis of nutritional value, appropriate use, quality, safety and value.

      Responsible Marketing Standards

      Mead Johnson is proud of its legacy of high standards, ethical behavior, commitment to the consumer and responsible marketing of its products. As a company, Mead Johnson recognizes and acknowledges the benefits that breast milk provides infants. We also recognize that global data continue to show that a majority of mothers will use infant formula during the first year of their babies' lives. We support a mother's access to information, including consultation with her healthcare provider, which allows her to understand and choose whichever feeding option is best for her circumstances. To that end, we remain committed to marketing our products globally in a manner that is both truthful and transparent.

      • We support the aim of the World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (the WHO Code), which is to ensure safe and adequate nutrition for infants, whether they are fed breast milk or formula, by providing adequate information and appropriate marketing and distribution.
      • In all countries, we abide by the laws and regulations that have been adopted to govern the promotion of infant formula.
      • In developed countries, such as the U.S. and Canada, where the WHO Code has not been adopted by law, we comply with those countries' laws and regulations and apply high-quality company standards.
      • We are committed to ensuring that claims made in the promotion of our products are well substantiated and based on sound science; therefore, Mead Johnson conducts extensive research and collaborates with the world’s leading medical and academic institutions to create the highest quality nutritional products.
      • We ensure messaging is clear and easily understood by our audiences.
      • We consider the cultural appropriateness of all advertising, specific to the country or region in which it is placed.
      • We do not knowingly use words, images, or music that are hostile toward, discriminatory against or patently offensive to any group of people based on gender, age, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, handicap or lifestyle.
      • We set high expectations for our employees, train them on those expectations and monitor compliance. We have established processes for both employees and external parties to report what they believe to be violations of our policies and commit to thoroughly investigating those reports and taking corrective and/or disciplinary action where warranted.
      • Above all, we value our relationships with families around the world, and take great pride in carrying out our mission to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life.

      The Enfamil Resource Center

      Mead Johnson employees around the world serve as a resource for parents and other caregivers who contact the company with questions. In the United States, for instance, The Enfamil Resource Center is staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable experts in infant and toddler nutrition, Enfamil products and programs. They participate in on-going training to stay current on topics of interest to Enfamil consumers. The team prides itself on receiving feedback from consumers and consistently receives scores higher than 95 percent in customer satisfaction. Most Enfamil team members have children of their own and understand that, although they talk to thousands of moms and dads each week, each child is unique. The Enfamil Resource Center is available for U.S. consumers at 1-800-BABY123 or

      In addition to providing customer service, the Enfamil Resource Center partners with healthcare professionals to provide free or discounted formula to families who are financially disadvantaged. Parents who are using our specialty products may receive product shipments directly to their home. Thousands of consumers have participated in this program through the years.

  • Responsible Sourcing
    • Responsible Sourcing

      The people of Mead Johnson understand the trust that consumers and customers put in us every day. We are committed to acting in a manner consistent with the highest principles of moral and ethical behavior, and we expect all parties with which we deal, including our suppliers, to hold themselves to these same high standards.

      We have created our Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers, which outlines our expectations for our suppliers in such key areas as ethical behavior, compliance with laws, fair business practices, labor and human rights, employee health and safety, and environmental responsibility.

  • Advocacy Activity
    • Mead Johnson Nutrition has a proud history of involvement in policy making across our global network. Our participation includes educating policy-makers and engaging in the public dialog on policy issues that affect our business, consumers, employees, and marketplace. Further, it includes supporting or advocating issues, legislation or referenda of importance to our company and stakeholders. To this end, we maintain a corporate policy regarding engagement in the development and implementation of public policies, laws, regulations, involvement in political activity, and participation in political processes.

      Mead Johnson Nutrition does not have a political action committee. We have not made any contributions to political candidates or political parties at either the federal or state level since our initial public offering. Moreover, while the company belongs to various not-for-profit and trade organizations, we do not have direct control over their political contributions.