Our Global Citizenship Initiatives

  • Mead Johnson has been a responsible corporate citizen for more than a century, and we are resolved to build upon that heritage as we continue to grow our business. Our corporate citizenship initiative consists of three pillars:

    • Serving the Marketplace – We foster trust by adhering to the highest business standards and best nutritional quality.

    • Protecting the Environment – We are committed to building and maintaining a more sustainable business in order to preserve resources for future generations.

    • Nurturing Communities – We contribute to communities in ways that will help individuals and families grow and prosper.

    Our global citizenship program is more than an aspiration. It is a commitment that is established, measured and reviewed annually. Each year, the company reports on the progress of its social responsibility initiatives to the Board of Directors’ Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. This Committee is responsible for reviewing the company’s governance guidelines and considering matters relating to Mead Johnson’s responsibilities as a global corporate citizen. And since 2011, every member of Mead Johnson’s Executive Committee includes a Sustainability goal in their annual performance objectives to help drive best practices in terms of corporate social responsibility, including initiatives to ensure that the company remains on track to achieve its GreenVision 2020 environmental targets.

    Our corporate citizenship initiatives extend across our global network. We utilize all of our capabilities – industry leadership that goes back more than a century; extensive scientific knowledge; unparalleled insights into pediatric nutrition; the dedication of our talented and passionate employees; and financial resources – to make a difference in our communities. Use the tools below to read about some of our global activities.

Uncompromising Product Quality

Mead Johnson is committed to using the highest quality ingredients sourced from reputable vendors in all our products. We integrate fundamental quality practices into our business processes, facilities and operations so that the children of today, and in generations to come, will have the best start in life.