Stages of Nutrition

  • Nutrition supports growth and development at every stage

    From pregnancy through the toddler years, nutrition plays an important role in physical and cognitive development. Provide parents with the information they need to ensure their little ones get important nutrients needed to stay healthy and reach key milestones.

    Preterm infants have unique nutritional goals

    For preterm infants, achieving a postnatal growth rate, tissue composition, and overall development similar to those of full-term infants is a central nutritional goal. Help parents reach this goal through an adequate balance of energy to protein.

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    Supporting brain nourishment is important for all infants

    As you know, 85% of brain growth occurs within the first 3 years of life.1 Knowing which nutrients are important to help support brain growth can help parents ensure they are giving their little ones good nutrition at this development stage.

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    Read about the latest findings on the correlation between Enfamil® that has DHA and cognitive development.

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