The Importance of Vitamin D

  • The importance of vitamin D

    Important for maintaining proper blood calcium and phosphorus concentrations, vitamin D plays an important role in bone mineralization.1

    Sources of vitamin D include exposure of the skin to sun and fortified foods, such as milk.1

  • Preterm infants are at particular risk for low vitamin D status2

    In a multi-center study, 120 preterm infants (≤32 weeks’ gestation) were evaluated for vitamin D stores. Of these3:

    64% had low vitamin D concentrations at birth

  • 2014 Global Expert Recommendations

    2014 Global Expert Recommendations are redefining the nutritional needs of preterm infants including for key nutrients like Vitamin D.3

    Vitamin D 100-350/100kcal

  • * Serum 25 (OH) D concentrations <50 nmol/L at birth † Vitamin D recommendations are 400-1000 IU/day from formula and supplements; 100-350 IU/100 kcal from formula only3

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