Supporting Malnutrition Recovery in Ecuador

Posted on Mar. 15th, 2012 at 8:30am

In Ecuador, at least one in every five children under the age of five is below the appropriate height for his/her age or suffers chronic malnutrition, according to 2009 figures from the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Ensuring that children have the proper nutritional support for the best start in life is Mead Johnson’s mission. That’s why we are collaborating with the Nutritional Recuperation Center, an organization focused on improving the nutrition of children under five years old in Santo Domingo city. In December 2011, Mead Johnson’s employees and medical professionals visited the center to provide parents with proper information and education on recovery from malnutrition.

Through this program, volunteers spent the day taking measurements and evaluations of more than 100 children, and conducting sessions for parents to learn more about improving diet and nutrition. Subsequent assessments will be conducted by Mead Johnson medical professionals every three to four months and reviewed over time to track development and nutrition improvement.

By offering our expertise on nutritional education, our goal is to provide children and their caregivers with the tools needed to support normal development. We look forward to tracking their progress during our next event in May, and seeing them achieve the best start in life as healthy boys and girls.